A New Year, A New bloomingOUT

Hello everyone!

This is our first blog post, and you should expect to see more! This is Ryne Shadday, the Producer of bloomingOUT on WFHB. I hope, and expect for us, to start 2017 with a fresh voice.

Speaking of voices, we have new ones! It was a struggle over the past several months for us to have quality content. Mainly because it was just three of us working to produce a quality show. I’ve discovered that it takes way more than three people to produce a show of which the LGBTQ+ Community in Bloomington and surrounding areas deserves. We’ve added not 1, not 2, but 3 new members to our bloomingOUT staff, and we’re really excited to see the content they will be producing for us!

Grace Thumser is our first addition. Grace comes to us as a freshman at Indiana University and is excited to start her job here as our Segment Producer. Grace’s segment, “TransSpotlight,” can be heard at least once a month. However, she will be looking for additional segments to add to our list. You will also hear Grace as an anchor, and she will be helping Jeff Poling in our wonderful music selection. But wait! That’s not all Grace will be doing for us. She is also working on becoming a back up engineer, and is part of our “Street Team.”

Our next addition is Colin Shassberger. Colin is a sophomore at IU and will be showcasing his talents in journalism with us here on the show in various ways. Not only will Colin be a co-anchor, but he will also be taking care of our social media content, and will be contributing a segment to our show. Colin will be our main contact with IU, putting our street team to the test by presenting in classrooms, putting up flyers, and being the all around point man.

Finally, our newest addition is Noelle Philipps. Noelle is a graduate of Indiana University and is joining us as our News Director. Noelle will also be working up to becoming a host (I’m sure), and as the go to person to update this website. Noelle brings her activism to full service by helping us spread news around the area that is important to our community.

These three new additions to bloomingOUT will be joining forces with our Associate Producer and Board Engineer, Sarah Hetrick, and our longtime anchor and music director, Jeff Poling in helping us create the best show possible.

While we certainly miss some of the voices/faces that have been a part of our show, it goes to say that we needed every last one of them. Olivia Davidson’s service to get us back on the air nearly 3 years ago, along with Jeff Jewel, cannot go unnoticed. We appreciate both of their contributions in the early stages of the re-airing of bloomingOUT.

As we begin to think of ways to reach more people, we will be using various different methods to do so. You may see us on Facebook Live, Instagram, and Twitter a lot more often. You will also see us utilizing other resources, such as podcasts through iTunes, and Spotify. Let’s not mention guests, yet. But, you will definitely be impressed by who we will have on the show over the course of the year.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, we’re always willing to listen. Please send us an email to bloomingout@wfhb.org and we will be happy to hear what you have to say!

Looking forward to serving the LGBTQ+ Community in Bloomington and surrounding areas over the course of the next year!


Ryne Shadday  – Producer, bloomingOUT on WFHB


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